Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hot Pies!

I love pies!  Not just the sweet dessert kind, but the savory dinner kind as well.  Cooking medieval food, I have come across dozens of varieties of meat, egg, cheese, fruit and vegetable pies. Pies are often called "tarts" and if something is served in a "coffyn" then it is a pie with a top crust.

Many of the pies listed below are also part of the "Feasts of Ice and Fire"  collection (Hotpie is actually a minor, but very popular character in the books) but some are from other fantasy books or are modern recipes that are "medievalish"--that is to say they are made with ingredients available in medieval Europe and cooked in a style common then, but no recipe from the middle ages is found.

Bubblie Pies (from Pern)
Spinach Tart
Dothraki Blood Pies
Onion Tart
Tart for an Ember Day
Brie (Cheese) Tart
A Tart of Strawberries

Tart/Pastry Crust

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