Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dany's Wedding Feast

When Daenerys marries Droko, her wedding feast is described as horseflesh roasted with honey and peppers; steaming joints of meat; thick black sausages; Dothraki blood pies; fruit; sweetgrass stew; and delicate pastries. I’ve also added flat  bread to the feast. The format of the feast is a lot less formal than those in Westeros.

If there was one feast I'd try and serve up in its entirerty, this would be it.  I'd recommend buying the black sausages and flat breads and using chicken leg quarters for the steaming joints of meat if you were to try it.

Horseflesh Roasted with Honey and Peppers
Steaming Joints of Meat
Thick Black Sausages
Dothraki Blood Pies
Sweetgrass Stew
Flat Bread

Delecate Pastries:
Braided Pastries
Almond Honey Pastries
Stuffed Fried Pastries
Date Stuffed Pastries

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