Monday, May 30, 2011

Making the "eight" on a Plate

The HBO Game of Thrones adaption added a new scene and a new phrase: "Making the Eight".  They even have a tee-shirt with a map and 8 "X"s.  A discussion about the kind of person who would wear this shirt, especially at conventions, really spoiled my amusement with it.

Then I thought that if women can take back "bitch" and "slut" and own them, maybe we non-pervs can take back "the Eight."

My idea is to "make the eight on a plate."  A dish from each of the eight regions highlighted on the shirt/map.
As much as I can, I'll use examples from the books.  Where I don't have examples, I'll look for authentic medieval recipes or close adaptions. (Click the links for the recipes)

1)  The North:  Honeyed Chicken, listed as part of the feast to welcome King Robert to the North (GoT).
2)  The Riverlands:  Trout Baked in Clay.  This is actually served during the feast after day one of the Hand's Tourney, (Jeoffery shared it with Sansa (GoT)) but with the trout being the fish of the Tully's I felt it was a good dish for the Riverlands.
3) The Iron Islands: Fish Stew with a thick cream sauce in a trencher of bread eaten by Theon at the "feast" on Pyke with his father and sister (CoK).
4) The Eyrie:
5) Lannisport/ The West Lands:  Henne Dorre (Golden Cardamon Chicken).  It took me a while to figure up a dish from the Westlands.  I haven't found any textual evidence of a specialty dish from here, so I went with a dish colored 'gold' in honor if the Lannisters.
6) Highgarden:   Baked Pears.  While a lot of the items served at the feast Cat attends in ACoK seem to be common throught the kingdom, the one that that always seems to be mentioned if fruit.  I think the pears would be the perfect dish to represent Highgarden.
7) Storms End: Braised Venison with Mushrooms. I haven't found anything yet in the books that is a dish from this area, but based on two things, I think it would be fair to assume venison would have been plentiful in the area: 1: the arms of Storms End is a stag's rack; 2) the location, near the Kingswood.
8) Dorne:  Dornish Eggs with Hot Peppers. On the day of Joffery's wedding (SoS), Sansa tries this dish, but finds it too hot.


  1. The Dorne dish could be the spicy egg and pepper dish Sansa eats at Joff's wedding breakfast. BTW, I think this undertaking of yours is marvelous. You have yourself a fangirl!

  2. I think I could go for everything but the fish stew. The rest looks good, to me.